Introduction to The Virtues Project Workshop

Love, Kindness, Justice, Service. Virtues are the very meaning and purpose of our lives. Virtues are universal, accepted by all faiths and cultures. Virtues give direction to our lives and deepen our connection to ourselves and others. As a parent, teacher, social worker, or as a caring adult we strive to mentor our children and build safe, caring schools and communities. The mission of Name My Virtues is to maximize the potential of students, parents and teachers by inspiring and empowering the relationships so that by working together we bring out the best in each other.



In this workshop you will learn how to shape character and build relationships by creating a positive, empowering culture in which children are learning and growing. The Five Strategies of the Virtues Project are easily implemented in all parts of the school without adding another thing to teach or taking extra time. If you have a character education program in your school already, what you will learn and practice at this workshop will enhance each of them.



All parents want to see their children grow up to be safe, healthy, successful and happy. Our workshops are filled with strategies, techniques and activities that are directly tied to improving student achievement in the home, classroom and community. Parents will learn to recognize the virtues within each of their children and speak a language that honors them for being the unique individual they are meant to be. And they will learn to guide and discipline children using virtues as the guide and not just authoritarian commands.



All five strategies will be useful in helping students to “get to the heart of the matter” and call on the virtues of their character to solve their own problems. Helping students see the good within themselves builds confidence and self-esteem. These strategies are the perfect compliment to Restorative Practice and Positive Discipline. When classroom teachers are implementing the Five Strategies in harmony with the counselors sessions with students, children see the united belief that they have full potential and the virtues needed to be successful. They see their lives as meaningful and hopeful.


Virtues Project Testimonials

"The Virtues language helped me expand how I acknowledge others and also ask for what I need for myself. I use the language all the time in my parenting, and student and coaching relationships. I also shared the Virtues language with my husband who is an engineer. He knows uses the language when doing all of his performance evaluations of his team. It's such an easy concept - Virtues - to remember once you attend the training and you get so much mileage out of what you learn." J. Lara, Parent, Coach, Professor Annapolis, MD

I have seen so many programs come and go. They’re all band-aids. The Virtues Project is penicillin. It’s the cure.” L. Fess, Mayor of Piqua, Ohio

“Using the Virtues language has truly transformed me in many areas of my life; as a mother, wife, friend, family member, and as a professor I see positive change. This course will enlighten you and allow for so many new possibilities in your world.” J. Gambone, Ph.D Arnold, MD

“Now that I see my virtues, I’m ready to change my life.” A 12 year old gang member incarcerated for murder is transformed by a Virtues Workshop. Seattle, Washington

How to instill do the right thing virtue in your children. Parents are always saying children don’t come with a guidebook. This is one. This helps you to get them on the right track of leading a good life. Oprah Winfrey

Everyone will learn

  • How to use the language of the virtues to inspire, guide and restore relationships.

  • Recognize teachable moments by using character language to support the lessons - positive or negative.

  • Establish clear boundaries through respectful and restorative communication strategies

  • Demonstrate increased sensitivity by integrating virtues language into activities.

Sign up to attend today

Parents, teachers, administrators and school counselors, you are invited to attend this interactive workshop. When we have diverse groups the best learning takes place. For teachers and administrators we have a special discounted price on this workshop for you. This is our way of honoring you for the work you do with the students of Anne Arundel County. We appreciate the contributions of others who have helped us bring this work to you.

BONUS: There will be Continuing Education Credits for those that desire them.

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I look forward to meeting all of you,

Joe Van Deuren, Founder of Name My Virtues & Virtues Project Facilitator