Our Programs


Parent Programs

A five part parenting series introducing the Virtues Project in real life, practical ways - attaining teamwork, cooperation, responsibility, and resilience for parents and children.

United Parenting - The Virtue of Unity & Teamwork

Effective Discipline - The Virtue of Discipline & Cooperation

Setting Consequences - The Virtues of Responsibility & Accountability

Building Resilience - The Virtues of Resilience & Self-Respect

Mindful Parenting -  The Virtue of Mindfulness & Purposefulness

Teacher Programs

Workshops - An Introduction to the Virtues Project

Experience and practice The Five Strategies of the Virtues Project to build the classroom, after school program and school into a community of caring partners, strong relationships, and character development; developing confident, resilient students who make choices based on their best character. The Five Strategies are:

  • Speak the language of the Virtues

  • Recognize teachable moments

  • Set Clear Boundaries based on restorative justice

  • Honor the spirit

  • Offer Companioning

Student Programs

K-5 student Program

Each K-5 parenting workshop described above has a component that matches the parenting lessons, so that parents and children unite around the virtues most important to their family. They are conducted simultaneously.

Grades 6-12 Student Program

Speaking the Language of the Virtues

This student program introduces the virtues to students, showing them how to see the good within themselves, building confidence and self esteem with empowering ‘self-talk’.

The Whole school Virtues Program

A combination of the individual programs designed for parents, teachers and students. In addition we show how to continue virtues based communication with Connection Groups. The Whole School Virtues Program includes:

  • Virtues Training for teachers (one day)

  • Parenting workshops (5)

  • Talking points for classroom circles

  • Connection Group for teachers and parents (once a month)

  • Monthly letter for parents describing the highlighted virtue of the month for your school.