Name My Virtues - A Peace Building Project

I want to be a good person that makes an impact in the world around me. I have always wanted to help others solve problems, to grow and reach new levels of success. I hate when I see myself or others put themselves down as not enough. I especially believe in children and the potential they have for creative ways of looking at challenges. I also believe in parents and teachers and their desire to provide the best of everything for their child or student.

I created Name My Virtues to inspire and empower parents to bring out the best in their children and themselves. My hope is that the many of us working together will build relationships with our children and students so they grow up to be safe, healthy, successful and happy.

Name My Virtues is the result of understanding from personal experience and what I have seen others respond to when they had their personality, character, and ways of doing things seen from a positive point of view. Name My Virtues is a request to be seen and acknowledged for good, even when it may appear to be out of step with others. It is a call to action, for parents, teachers, and everyone who influences a child to not immediately go to the negative, to name an action or way of being in a way that dishonors the child or young adult.

Name My Virtues is a paradigm shift for all of us to see the virtue in the personality of a person versus shaming or blaming them for an underdeveloped character trait. Name My Virtues is a new way of balancing the strengths of a child with an area of growth. Children are shamed when we tell them they are ‘bossy’, they grow in self-esteem when we acknowledge them for their strength virtue ‘assertiveness’ and guide them to balance it with a growth virtue such as tact or kindness.

Our children want us to name their virtues, to be acknowledged for all the good inside of them, to have boundaries based on the virtues that are most important to our family and the society we live in, and be allowed to find the answers to the issues they face with careful, loving companioning. We can walk alongside them, encouraging, educating and disciplining (teaching) them, while also respecting their right to choose the course they take and deal with the consequences of those choices.

Name My Virtues is all about tweaking the language we use with our children, other adults and even ourselves. It is about practicing the Five Strategies of the Virtues Project in our life as a way of being and growing ourselves and our children to happy and successful lives.

Name My Virtues is looking for others who desire to build peaceful community - in our homes, schools, and neighborhoods that speak the same language, encouraging, inspiring and empowering our children and ourselves to success and happiness. Name My Virtues will be a recognized non-profit very soon and I personally look forward to gathering all those in the community to work together in this peace-building project. Yes, this approach in schools around the world has reduced bullying and built relationships with parents and adults that have lead children to greater success. Please let me know if you are interested in learning how you can help yourself, your children, your school and community.

Joe Van DeurenComment