Name My Virtues
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Our Mission:

Maximize the potential of students, parents, and teachers.

Inspiring and empowering the relationships of students, parents, teachers, and schools to bring out the best in each other.


Our Mission

Name My Virtues creates a more peaceful, joyful and unified culture, empowering all individuals to know their inherent value. Our program strengthens individual positive character traits among young people and empowers all of the adults in the child’s life to identify and strengthen their own character qualities and communication skills.

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Our Programs

What is best for our children and students has everything to do with what is best in them.  Like gems, the virtues they each have within can be highlighted and celebrated by parents, teachers and all caring adults, but we must be like a miner of those gems. To teach children well is to bring out the best in them. That is why we invite parents, teachers, and students to practice the Five Strategies of the Virtues Project at home, in school, and in our community. Simple and effective ways to bring out the best in our children and ourselves is what Name My Virtues programs are all about.

All programs are available for schools, community and faith organizations.

Name my virtues Parent Programs

Parents want their children to grow up to be safe, healthy, successful and happy. United parenting around the virtues empowers parents to discipline, set boundaries and create consequences that do not shame or blame the child. Learn to “Name My Virtues” to empower your child for responsibility and building self-esteem.

Name my virtues Teacher Programs

Every teacher knows that building relationships with students is key to students growing their love of learning. Name My Virtues helps teachers in their classroom to recognize teachable moments, set boundaries, and speak the language that is recognized by students as caring for each individual.

Name my virtues Whole school Program

Every school community committed to improving the culture in a school is doing so to build the best atmospheres for children to be educated. The Name My Virtues Whole School Program provides parents, teachers, and administrators tools and strategies to build an empowering culture in which children are learning and growing and the adults are too. The strategies can easily be integrated by parents, teachers, and all staff members.

Name my virtues student Programs

Name My Virtues student programs build confidence, character, and responsibility along with respect and dignity for fellow students, teachers and their parents. The K-5 program matches the five part parenting series.


Get Involved

There are many ways of helping build a strong community that empowers our children and bring out the best in them. As they say on the airplane “Put your air mask on first before helping your child or others.” We invite you to come to an Introduction to the Virtues Project workshop to fully experience the Five Strategies of the Virtues Project. Then you will fully know the impact all of us can have on our community.


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Contact us direct about any of the programs for students, teachers, and parents.

Volunteer opportunities

There are opportunities as a facilitator or an assistant in all areas of programs. Other areas of social media and tech stuff too.

Make a Donation

General donations and specific to parent, teacher, student or whole school training are needed to keep this work going.